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Soera 15th June 2017 17:59

MCR/Rate Slotting Guide*******
Hey guys. I've received a few questions regarding the slotting process and why it seems like the first and 2nd slots are swapping with each other. This is just a visual.

The truth is they are not swapping. So I have made a guide, using Imgur, and I hope it helps the new people who are coming to the game and are confused with which slot is which :P

I hope it helps, and if you are still confused or have further questions, feel free to leave me feedback or mail me in-game. :tongue:

Soera 18th June 2017 00:15

woop woop! Guide #2 is uppppppppppppppppppp. Like I said, many people keep asking me about this, so here you are, and may good fortune be with you :x

The guide is in the imgur link in the massively ensized writing. You can't miss it :o

ketur 18th June 2017 04:56

Hi GA Soera, its me :D,

Thanks for this helpful guide,,I was quite confuse why the 1st slot and 2nd swap that's why im bothered to extend it, but this guide just give me relief :D THUMBS UP GA :D

johnando99 18th June 2017 18:31

it helpfull guide

Soera 19th June 2017 23:36

You're welcome guys :P

I'm glad it's helpful. Thanks for the feedback :x

Soera 3rd July 2017 01:15

Bump for the newbies :P

unicorn 4th July 2017 12:31

thanks soera. you've just answered my curiosity. however, does it also do the same to one slot items being

Soera 4th July 2017 17:55

Heya! Good to know it helped :P
If you extend a 1 slot item, this slotting method will not work because the first slot will never be deleted :x

Hordy 5th August 2018 16:24

Bumpy bumpy for my buddy

MsArchie 7th August 2018 15:00

Nice :)


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