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cyris2108 19th January 2018 08:40

Can't Run Cabal
I've been playing MNcabal on windows10 for 1 year and after the update, my cabal wont run now. I've tried to reinstall the game and the result is the same. -_- Any tips on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.


DWBaHu0 19th January 2018 16:19

We have update now and the problem will be solved, just start the game from the launcher!
Just be sure that you turned off your anti-virus system, because of some PC's makes problems sometimes.


llllll 19th January 2018 19:37

Hi i have the same issues .. i extracted the manual patch close the anti virus still wont start

DWBaHu0 20th January 2018 00:47

Add skype: dwbahu02 and i will help you.

llllll 20th January 2018 01:34

I would love to .. but skype is blocked in united arab emirates ���� maybe you can give me a ss of everything

llllll 20th January 2018 11:12

my computer - properties - advance system settings - performance (visual effects) click settings - data execution prevention - turn on DEP - ADD CABALMAIN.EXE - Apply and start the game

DWBaHu0 25th January 2018 18:08

Now is working fine?

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