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Soera 7th August 2017 05:49

Build With Points/Alz TG
To finally settle this silly debate (for people who heard that building by alz is better from someone who was told by someone else who was told by someone else who most likely heard it from a lvl100 noob dancing in BI): Here you are. This is your proof that building with points is better for your nation.

The main reason why you all get confused is because you understand "building with points" as it uses your nation score. That is where you've understood it incorrectly.

"Building with points" means using your building points. When you see in TG in your system messages, "xxx points are automatically up", that is referring to your building points. Use building points > Increase nation score. (This is only affected when you actually complete a tower. If you cancel it, no points will be used.

I'm not sure how much more explanation you all need, so I just really pray you'll understand through my guide.

If you can't believe me as a GA, you can believe your eyes when you see my guide :P

Building with alz is bad for your nation!

Any questions, leave them here~

ItzMe3 7th August 2017 11:45


Soera 7th August 2017 12:08

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but you're welcome.

kempachi86 7th August 2017 18:17

why not just pump up my war guide instead of just make a thread whit the same info? anyways good job here a cookie.

Soera 7th August 2017 19:11

Because, apparently, your one didn't work, mate :x

This is to end the debate of building anyway since people actually requested I make this o.o

Your one is a complete TG guide. Mine is just to show people the building thing~

ketur 8th August 2017 05:09

Building by Points = Nation Score
Building by Alz = Personal Score
As simple as that :P

Soera 8th August 2017 05:26

But telling them that has not worked. So I gave them proof instead. Can't argue with visible proof :x

ItzMe3 15th August 2017 16:34


Originally Posted by Soera (Post 48286)
Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but you're welcome.

I was serious.

itchuki 15th August 2017 16:52


jhunserr2 15th August 2017 16:58


Originally Posted by itchuki (Post 48559)

Legend awake

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