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Dublic 14th June 2014 00:51

We talked about making a poll event on forum while server was off, since only Admin/GMs can do event (see server rules), i didn't make event, but made a little survey what i want to share with you guys. :smilie:
After a month or so i will delete survey and we're gonna see the results.. I hope you guys will like it. Make posts in this thread after you're done with it and keep this thread active (not meaning to spam here).

So here is the link:

Thankies for your time! :tongue:

DWBaHu0 14th June 2014 01:50

Awesome! Verry good poll and i hope many players will use it!

Dublic 14th June 2014 02:10

please move it to "poll" topic :D

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