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[GM]Smexi 21st November 2016 19:39

Hacker reports
Hello everyone!

We've decided to create a new thread for hacker reports. Please only use this one for your reports, it'll be easier to check and it'll prevent multiple reports of the same player.

Please make sure your report includes the following informations:
  • Player's name (or TG number in case of warzone or TG report)
  • Short discription
  • Proof (picture, video, ...)

Please don't report players for standing in front of an dungeon entrance, thank you.

Looking forward to your reports.

Orange 22nd November 2016 08:58

Selling hacks and bots... x2 players please check this smex.

Orange 22nd November 2016 09:19

Another one...

[GML]Lilim 22nd November 2016 09:30

Banned. Thanks for report.

JuanMarcio 22nd November 2016 16:15

macro is allowed here?recorded in 21th November 2016

Probably this char is only an alt

[GML]Lilim 22nd November 2016 16:19

Macro is allowed only for BM2.

VmamaV 22nd November 2016 18:42


Originally Posted by JuanMarcio (Post 36010)
In pvp too?
Thank you for the explanation!

allowed me to answer this question

* 15. Players are not allowed to use macro and farm items on the maps by using macro, by breaking this rule you gonna receive permanent ban. Battle mode 2 macro for retargeting is allowed.

and visit this link to know other rules

xMwuahx 22nd November 2016 18:52


Originally Posted by JuanMarcio (Post 36007)
macro is allowed here?recorded in 21th November 2016

Probably this char is only an alt

you can do that also .. just press Enemy Retarget and Select Character, activate Auto attack and Uncheck (Allow Basic attack)
then press then the buttons simultaneously .. or in an exact pattern and it will do that rapid attack

[GML]Lilim 22nd November 2016 21:01

This thread isn't opened for explaining and so i already answered to him, so please stick to the topic and write reports only.

zaffiro 23rd November 2016 01:28

check this fb nsd

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