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DWBaHu0 2nd September 2017 00:32

New MN Cabal Client
Hello Dear Players!
We received reports from some users, about the launcher updating process and in-game problems, due not updated files. Also our client is too old and we have too many updates on the list and every new re-install of the game, we should waiting so much time, until become up-to-date.
So, i decide to make fresh and updated game client with few links for downloading.

(The users, which can play the game without any problems, don't need to download it.)

Google Drive Link:

MEGA Link:!MR4XmDrb!LwCWXioYh...6Fs1ne3tMBbIcA

Torrent Link:

I will ask all of you for a favor: If you can download the client and to start to seed, because this is new client and we need seeders for the torrent link. Thanks in Advance!

Best Regards

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