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Icon14 New Update

Hello Dear Players,
As you know we working on alot new updates and here is part of them!

What's New?

- 3 New Belts

Belt of Captain Trugust

Drops from Captain Trugust - Forbidden Island

Belt of Queen Calamity

Drops from Queen Calamity - Forbidden Island

Belt of Siena

Drops from Siena - Altar of Siena B2F

- New NPC "Formula Card - Event WEXP Shop"
The shop is in Bloody Ice, so now you can buy formula cards for epic bike craft only for WEXP!

- New items are added on T-Point shop:
Force Core High
Force Core Highest
Upgrade Core High
Upgrade Core Highest
Perfect Core Medium
Perfect Core High
Perfect Core Highest
Now is your chance to stay together in the server to spend some T-Points :)

- New visual style of personal shops

- WEXP rate is increased from 3x to 5x (now you get 300 WEXP more)

- From now Channel 1 will be aways online and is changed to "Channel 1 Normal - Event (PK)"

- The Guild Emblems are updated!

If your guild is still without emblem, don't wait - send request here

Expect more updates!

Best Regards,
MN Cabal Online

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