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Its the end of the summer. Its been a long and very hot season. And like the most people the summer is the season when u expect time full of surprices and having a good time. Going to beach,hang out with friends and the time u seek for some love. Well its been almost the same for me. Its been the last day of school and we started to prepare for the greatest summer ever! On the next night we decided to go out and stay late. And so we did. The night started normally,when suddenly we saw a group of boys in front of us. I was with my friends Maya and Raili. When we came closer to the group of boys it turned that My friends know them. We decided to hang out together. At first sight i didnt noticed nothing special. Then we went to one bench. The boys took their sits and there was no place for us. So they offered we can seat on their legs. Maya and Raili agreed immediately. Ive should think it about 5 mins before i make it too. But after a long day of walks i was tired and sat on "his" legs. Then we started talking about our lives,representing and stuffs like this. When he started to talk ive noticed that he smells very good which for one girl is important. He told me that he is not from our city,not even living in the country. That his parents went to better place and he comes home only summers so he can meet with his friends and rest from school. So we spend the all night talking about ourselves. On the next day my phone started ringing. It was unfamiliar number. I picked up and it was him. He asked me if we go out tonight and i agreed cuz he looked very good boy and it was funny with him. 2 weeks past and we were going out every night. Me,him and our friends. Then suddenly he offered me if i want to go out just the 2 of us. My first though was not to do it,but he was very insistent so i said yes. We went to a coffee and he was a bit different. I asked him what is happening and then he explained me that he started to like me more then just as a friend. I was a bit shocked. Yes,he is very good looking boy but never had not such thoughts of him. After that meeting we stopped to talk for about a week. Very hard week for me. Something was disturbing me. A strange feeling appeared in my stomach. Then i decided to call him and i was like not giving him what he wants easly and that he should fight for me. The time past and day after day ive started falling deeper and deeper inlove with him,so he did. It was great time,best time in my life. Spending it with someone which i trully love. But like everything else and that relationship was at its end. Not because of vanishing love,but that he was about to leave for the starting new school year. Its been such a pleasure. His smile,his aroma and everything about him. Then the day came. We sworn that the next year will be the same. That our love wont disappear. I hugged him so hard, i didnt want let him go. He kissed me and left. His airplane flew. I was alone. And now i am looking the sun and think about you,because u were my sunshine. I miss you and i will wait you!
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