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Originally Posted by Meyrin View Post

I thought doing it that way was better than having a reaaaaaaaaaally long thread starter post and Imgur's a more efficient method for me to make comments on each step. :x

I hope it's not too long, though. I just wanted it to be detailed :x
And as long as people just scroll through the guide, and not click on the "popular viral images", we should be okay
Settings for users on this forum don't let them have more than 10 images included in one post, which doesn't slide well with occasions such as writing a guide containing tons of pics. Emm, I think it was 10, in any case, it wouldn't let you have 40 images in one go, unless you would add more posts, but this would already ruin your guide's design. I am getting at the point that it was a nice decision to nest it there, on imgur.

So as long as people don't end up noticing that image-bar which tastes like sweets but for eyes, then you can be sure they got better in MO, the next time they re doing it.

I like MO and Panic Cave dungeons the most ;D
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