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Originally Posted by [GML]Lilim View Post
There you got screenshots of abandoned city and u started trashing, thats the reason why we prefer not to say anything about updates, also yes soon we say coz we plan to do it soon, but sadly its hard to make an update on episode 8, everything we add or try add kinda gets bugged and isnt so easy to fix, there is many good things i wanna add and got ideas, but doesnt fit to this episode, so i have to think of something what would fit and what could be made and ofc it all takes a lot of time. The most easiest thing would be to add magic and sword amp scrolls and heres the update for all of you :o But ofc that kind of update wont happen, so all of you gonna wait for some normal update.
AC has nothing to do with why I said anything lawl. Simply calling out the fact that no one sees you do anything for this server anymore. First started here you and Cass were all over it. Over the last year or so you've fallen back and only randomly come onto forums. I think I can speak for majority of the community when I say all we want is specified updates as to whats going on/better staff involvement. Know it's hard to really give a timeline since issues do pop up but still.