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Old 2nd July 2015, 18:43
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Default How to pick a nation (Newbies)

Hello, everyone!

So I decided to make a pretty simple guide.
As you all know, when you create a character he's level 100, but nationless.
All you have to do is to put a certain amount of alz in the character and relog.

If you want to join the pink side(Capella) just put 1234561 alz in your character's inventory and relog.
It is the same for the dark blue side(Procyon) but the number this time would be 1234562.

Many people are asking me this, so I decided to create a "guide". Hope this helps. Hf and enjoy the game ^^

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Old 12th November 2015, 12:36
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This works only once,so be careful in your choise. If you want to change if aleadyy have nation there is 2 ways. 1st is making all scenario quests (the one you need is on level 96) and the 2nd way is with black transmuter.
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Old 25th March 2016, 23:33
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Thanks you a lot for this Guide is so fast to take a Nation with it but sure if other will want to change it without transmuter because it's so exxprecive. Is can do quest as you say and maybe other don't know is another guide how to get nation by quest right here >>
Have fun and keep to game Moon Night Cabal <3
With respect,WTxDanteKun :)
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Old 17th May 2016, 17:39
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Cool guide!
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Old 18th May 2016, 10:35
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Wow the legendary GAL cooks
Nothing can replace cubic capacity .

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Old 12th October 2016, 17:45
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Works once sure but you can change nation by completing Scenario Quests also and its free.

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