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Old 16th December 2016, 13:13
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Originally Posted by holyflower View Post
Double check NVIDIA control panel, manage program, find and add cabalmain.exe to GPU rather than the integrated (if applicable).

Also, ensure you have .NET Framework of the latest for your laptop specs (you could also attempt to install 3.5 version, as it might be the version for the game to run smooth).

Another thing to try would be switching off anti-virus for some time while trying the game, because if it carries a real-time scan it may slow down the game.

Finally ensure you have no other program sitting on HDD activity, as the game makes an active use of read/write commands. You can check performance via Task Manager, see graphs and how they behave.

Since you are fresh with laptop, could it be you are still dealing with windows update? Check it via Task Manager by process in defaults. It is either svchost.exe eating CPU or TiWorker.exe in this case, however, do not end/kill them, but get over with windows updates if that's acting tough.

Another tip, in the game you could minimise visual enhancements, as they do create an extra lag, given the machine/devices are new, the game is not.

Hope any of the above helps.

The latest doesn't always mean the best. It could be possible it would help, but given you enjoy other high-end games, ensure it doesn't go older than necessary.
Load of BS.
And by the way, multi-sampling is the only 1 that could have an effect.

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Old 16th December 2016, 21:59
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My method due of freezeng cabal or do not respond : use window mode instead of fullscreen . since DW fixed crash problems ,i dont have crashes anymore.
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Old 7th March 2018, 23:24
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Sir. It is not in the anti virus?

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Old 27th April 2018, 06:05
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how about game won't to launch? even mshield popup not appear. no error code, just not run when press start button on the launcher.
i think its a problem from mshield.
i try other cabal not use mshield, it works perfectly without problem.

win 10 pro 64bit. Ryzen 3, 4x2 Ram 3000mhz.
Win Defender disabled, add exclusion, add DEP mode, firewall disabled.
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Old Yesterday, 15:29
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same here lagging and then black screen then pc restarting

win10 pro 64 bit
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