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Old 19th August 2017, 07:06
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Originally Posted by ItzMe3 View Post
Do nipperlugs drop them in bi? Cuz thats the only mobs i kill.
I don't know sir. Ask the advisors in server. *_*
Just Esche
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Old 19th August 2017, 14:43
Rusek Rusek is offline
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does someone get unbaned account? i wait around 2weeks ..
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Old 19th August 2017, 18:23
TheOneAboveAll TheOneAboveAll is offline
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I hope you guys get unblocked with your characters starting at level one and had to level up and grind skills official server style and all your items converted to +15 Ironsteel weapons and armors, and all other items such as upgrade cores and SEHH converted to return stones while all your alz in your inventory will be divided by 1,000,000,000 meaning if you have 50B you'll only have 50m in your inventory after being unblocked, meanwhile your characters are not able to buy any new skills nor any upgrade skills. I think that's enough for us legit players to agree that you get unblocked as long as those things that I mentioned get applied.

In summary, I was just trying to say that go F yourself, and continue your suffering.

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Old 20th August 2017, 12:57
samihada samihada is offline
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Is unbanned event finish??its been 9months i want to play again..
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Old 20th August 2017, 14:41
KnightWarrior KnightWarrior is offline
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sriusly when the unbanned acc happend?? i havent hear some1 got unbanned.. pliss take action.. all wont hope thay acc back but Gm allready make this event so do somethings .. mybee unbanned perday 10/20/30 acc .. for them not noise in this thread.. 2 week pass my email send 00:00:00 am also not replay... what happend... gm help make some update we are waitting
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Old 25th August 2017, 11:51
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Few honest words.

Today was killing enthiud ch5 he was about 25% and god WA killed me in 0.1sec then disappear i said OK not from this day i know they hunting enthiuds on hacks.

I decide to take a look on Wolf cause i have frontier for fast check and result little suprised me I found 0 wolfs alive.

Then i my curiosity force me to check
tough guy MK/Panda maybe there i would find some hunting group and it will be proof for me who killed all this bosses but guess what I didnt find even one player on whole map.(except hacking WA before)

Look on AH, then on chat how many palladium parts are selling by unknown players or even 100lv dummies. Legit party drop isnt bigger than 10-20%, rest coming from haxurs. Just stop for moment and think about it.

After this i considering quiting,

played here for over 1.5year what i achieved is average account spend so much time on farming like some dumb. For new players i can only say dont play here not worth(wanna punish me for these word go ahead) i can only imagine how much alz they making in one day and just figured out how unfair this server is. If wanna contact me sometimes ill join TG cause its only one place i still enjoying, probably gonna change server/MMO, not going to complain about GMs all know they logging in only for events/blessing.

for those who decide to stay here i can only wish good luck.

<font size=1><font face=Franklin Gothic Medium><div align=right><font color=Olive>1000k <font color=Yellow>gold</font> please</font></div></font></font>


pernament quitted
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Old 21st January 2018, 11:46
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Bu.ping into this thread..i recently return to MN after 4yrs and yet when im accessing my old acct it says unable to connect.😐😐

I sent a PM @[GML]Lilim thank you.
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