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Old 27th April 2017, 08:30
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Default Killian's Ring quest

So i just got my merga ring and i wanted to craft Killian's ring...already bought limbic tonsil but there's no recipe or quest for Killian's Ring? Please Help!
Thank you.
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Old 29th April 2017, 16:26
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Crafted from using the Request Crafting System of Killian's Lymbic Tonsil and Mergaheph's Ring as well as a Black Tear purchased from the Core Alchemist in Bloody Ice
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Old 2nd May 2017, 13:47
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Default That's the problem

I can't craft coz keller wont give me the quest...the formula card she sells is still sealed merga ring.
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Old 3rd May 2017, 07:51
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Update: Now I got 2 merga still no quest from keller for killian ring. Please help.
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Old 6th May 2017, 05:48
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Hiya. Could you elaborate on your problem please? You said she won't give you the quest?

The quest for Killian's ring that you receive from Keller is titled as: "Killian's Power Sealed Within" - If you do not have this quest, there is a chance you mistakenly deleted it. However, you can restore it by going to "General Quests" and clicking the "See deleted quests only" icon next to it. Is this the issue you're experiencing?

If not, the way to get Killian's Ring is to obtain:
"Black Cat's Tear" which is sold by Keller for 50m. It looks like a green bottle. Additionally, you will need a crafted Mergaheph Ring (With stats) (not the sealed one)
Lastly, you will need Killian's Limbic Tonsil Cell (drops in eod b2f from Killian boss)

Please let me know if this helps =)

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