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Old 1st May 2018, 21:34
DavidWeb DavidWeb is offline
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Default not bad server but

looks like this cabal private server is lasting long time and hope it will stay like that, haves lots of update and it's stable. becouse i'm playing real cabal i would like to say, for every stat point on cabal eu i get 1 attack, forgoten temple b3f can be soled, here sometimes i can finish ca6, sometimes i can't. it's allready second event where you can get sword, magic skill amp scrolls for armor on official cabal etc. defence is better there, attack very much.
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Old 2nd May 2018, 21:54
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I didn't really understand all you wrote, but from what i did i would like to remind you that MoonNight cabal is episode 8 and official cabal (EU) just got episode 19. I would like all of you to stop comparing official cabal with private one.

Thank you for your suggestion if that was one.
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Old 3rd May 2018, 04:25
mattuc mattuc is offline
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Yeah.... this sever isn't meant for you to just go solo the end game dgs with ease. There'll never be any amp scrolls of any kind here. Most amp you'll ever get on a single piece is 17(10 craft with 7 in slot) and thats only going to drop once in a blue moon. Not sure why you're bothering with posting here if you're playing on EU though lol.

Mail me ingame or message me on forums with any questions you may have.
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Old Yesterday, 23:56
DavidWeb DavidWeb is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
Age: 37
Posts: 4

didn't expect answer from someone important. i'm 37 learning networks to works over net, will go siena b1f i don't know much about cabal exept drops, it would be cool to make ls 4 or 5 if it's posible or at least put some bosses in ls or better map. i was banned on official, unbaned 6 times. played damn elite cabal hoping it will last. sell what you need to sell but make it more like cabal 2.
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