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Old 11th December 2017, 12:41
KingShu KingShu is offline
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Default WTT WA HR 18 to FA

HR 18
full runes, 1 Blend for tg
2 tempus/1 tyrant
perfect amulet 6amp/2cdi and 8 cdi/3amp

archi helm 8/7/24 and archi helm 18/7/24
archi gs 20/14/48
archi suit 10 / 100 ( non bind )
archi boots 10 / 100 ( non bind )
archi gloves 10 / 2% hp steal ( non bind )

bikes rw3

full rcr
26 cdi / 4 samp

1x gender change card, 2x rename card (both acc bind)
many costumes

alz or WTT for rated FA (i will add alz if your fa has better set)
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Old 16th February 2018, 13:18
bumbay09 bumbay09 is offline
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WTT with hr15 FS?
arch helm+15 10/7/24
arch suit+15 8/3mcr/hp
arch gloves+15 8/3mrc/hp steal
arch boots+15 10/hp/hp
sigmetal boots+15 7amp/7amp(dual amp)

arch blade+15 10/7/24
arch crystal+15 18/7/24
palla crystal+15 20/24

complete runes
perfect amulet cdi/amp
2tempus/1 tyrant rings
rw3 bike perfect rcr
rw3 bike amp/cdi

mail me in game : IGN Shizuku
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