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Old 15th October 2017, 10:03
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>Fucking russian
Wowowo ez boy, not all pussians are vodka-damaged petapds.

To clear the situation about CA6.
>Fa; full sigmetal +15; 7%amp; orbs 20% 20% cdi; ring of luck +3 critical ring +2 and 2 life absorb rings 5%; bm3 lvl 1; def earings +5; def 1800 when aura bm3
Nothing said about level. It depends A LOT on the char's level.

CA6 really makes things hard w/o cleaning till ~180 level. Was farming using sig +9 till ~180 lvl, pretty ez by fa bm3. 190 lvl or full +15 sig makes it ez even w/o vamp (2%/+30 limit) rushing at 6th minute in the crowd (just change tyrant model to something huge to pick it in target ez). But rushing in full crowd even at 190 w/o experience makes you dead fast. Most dmg you got from tyr.

WI — till 190 hard using sig +10. Didn't have a chance to try with +15 at lower levels (i axidenetly used bb and gained 190 in 15 minutes after made char), BM2 rox more than bm3 due huge vampric and aoe.
WA — even with broken bm3 it was possible, but a/b 2 sec casting and low aoe made some challenge. Never tired with gear lower +15 sig.
FS — shadowsteel and bm2 are enough.
FB — things were never easier. My fav class at officials to farm ca1-6 using bm1.
BL — it was ez even b4 you was born.

@sailyn @ItzMe3's I saw your sh1tshooting in each other in other threads. Such feeling you bought accounts with 190 lv +15 gear and never tried CA6 with 16x levels and shadowtitanium gear or such.

Tired to explain ingame what gear and tactics to use for each class to farm ca6 ez, someone must made a sticky guide at forum. Or not.
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