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Old 14th October 2018, 21:15
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Icon2 Guide about game effects and more for simple and clean game

Guide about closing game effects and more for simple and clean game

hi Moonnight...some friends keep asking for how they can close some effects on game..and what must they do for more clean and simple gameplay...and i will talk some about monster skin change.i hope it will be useful..
-there are so many effects on game...environmental effects.buff effects, skill effects,battle mode effects,force tower effects,monster effects
-environmental effects>>this is the simple one for close .whatever you see on your around as effect. like monster, players skill effects, shadow effects.etc...if you wanna close that..you can do it on game simply by :options>preferences,there is so many effect option here..you can close environmental effects here...

for closing other effects you must go MN cabal folder..by right click "cabal" open folder location...
MN cabal>>Data>>FX>>EFX...here there are so many effect type for close..but i will talk about only buff, skill, battle,
battle mode,force tower effects and some monster effects
1)if you dont want see your all buffs you casted...open a new folder with any name in EFX folder and remove "buff folder" to new folder..its done you dont see your buff effects anymore
2 if you dont wanna see your all attack effects remove "skill",battle,magic" folders to the your new folder,,it s done you dont see your attack skills anymore..also remove "basic folder" too..it has some special effects..but it contain blink effect for wizard also, wizards may feel strange about blink if remove this folder.
-i wanna talk something here.. if you remove "skill" folder to new folder..you dont see your fade step and dash effect too...i tried this and didnt like it..probably you guys dont like too..for keeping dash and fade step effect..you must go EFX folder and open a new folder and name it with "skill"...and go to your new folder>"skill" find here following files
skill_1h_075.efx...............cut this files...and paste to EFX>"skill"folder..and done you have your dash and fade step again
3)if you dont wanna see force tower effects.they are really annoying, i think everybody dont wanna see them on tg...remove "force tower" folder to the new folder you created...and its done you dont see annoying force tower effects anymore
4)it s same for "special" folder for not seeing special effects like bm3 bm2..etc
Except those files, there is "arms,FXI item,item,monster,quest,wingx "folder..those dont effect your gameplay so much. but if you wanna see what happen if remove those..you can try ofc....as example if you remove "item"folder you can t see your 17 amp gloves, and you can think some1 scammed tou..XD
---end of the effect guide , i wanna talk about monster folder>
i know you guys like going TG..there is S,M and L GUARDİANS there. and their annoying efffects.if you wanna remove those annoying effects go make a new folder in "monster" folder and name it anyname..and go to orginal monster folder and cut following files
****"from guardian_L_cap_atk1.efx" to "guardian3_pro_spwn.efx" there are 126x folder.ofc i cant write here all of them and remove this 126x folder to your new folder...as additional there is annoying legacy effects beside guardians right?

yes yes..go find following files in monster folder
and cut all of this files and remove to your new folder
ant its done you dont have annoying guardians and legacy effects anymore

my guide about effects is done here...but...who dont like "L and M guardians"here?..that ugly annoying things..yes..you
can remove that guardians and you can put "rabbithorn"instead of....first go to cabal MN>Data>monster folder..and find files begin with "guardian"here 9x files neutral,proc and cap guardians S,L,M...3x3:9..my math is good
-now as example you wanna change your capella guardian with "ogre" on lakeside...find your ogre file> "ogre.ebm"
-there is 3x capella guardian file>>>"guardian1_cap.ebm","guardian2_cap.ebm" and "guardian3_cap.ebm"
-now copy that "ogre.ebm" file to another location except cabal..and right click and rename as guardians name upthere
-you must do it 3x time, important thing is names here.. you must rename "ogre file" exactly same as 3x guardians upthere
-now you have 3x ogre file with renamed with cap guardians..choice all of them and copy to "Monster" folder"..and say all "yes" to replace questions....
and..its done.. your cap guardian is "ogre" anymore..not those big annoying things with wings..XD
you can do it for other nuetral and proc guardians..but better choice different mosters for proc and nuetral guardians
not like "rabithorn" or "shane"s Evil"ofc(AC last boss)...XD..find medium size monster
---its not special to the TG ofc..you can reskin any boss ,mop with this way
here my guides ends..i know there can be somethings i am wrong about..let me fix that if you find things i am wrong
note:its your respensibility if you mess cabal folders up...i am just a guy even can t write "responsility" corrrectly..:)



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Old 16th October 2018, 08:34
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uppp for this... very helpful
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