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Icon4 Server Rules / Правила на сървъра

By playing in our server you agree to respect and abide by the following standards:
Играейки в нашият сървър, вие се задължавате да спазвате следните правила:

1. We don't tolerate insults against other players or staff members!
1. Not tolerate insults to other players/GA/GM/Admin!

2. Потребителите нямат право да организират какъвто и да е вид евент!
2. Players are not allowed to make any kind of events.

3. Потребителите нямат право да искат пари/предмети/парти и каквото и да било друго от GM/Admin!
3. Players are not allowed to ask alz/items/party from the GM/Admin!

4. При евент изпълнявайте това, което Ви нареди Евент Мастъра (ЕМ) организирало евента!
- При нарушение на това правило ще бъдете изгонени (kick) от сървъра, а при повторно нарушение на това правило може да бъдете бан!
4. In an event, you have to follow the commands of the Event Master (EM).
- In violation of this rule you will be kicked from the server and in repeated violation you can receive a ban.

5. Your account is your responsibility, we are not responsible for scammed items, alz, cabal cash or accounts! So, protect your password and be careful with your account!

6. Потребителите не могат и нямат право да обявяват бан на друг потребител. Това е право само на GM и Admin
6. Players are not allowed to declare a ban for another player!

7. Екипа на Moon Night Cabal Online не носи отговорност за откраднати акаунти/предмети! След като давате акаунт или предмет Вие си поемате риска! Затова, моля не изкарвайте екипа виновен за изгубените Ви акаунти/предмети!
7. The Moon Night Cabal Online Team is not response for stealed accounts/items! When you giving account or item this is on your own risk! Please do not hold Moon Night Cabal Team response for that!

8. Потребителите нямат право да искат от GM/Admin добавяне на каквито и да било неща (ресове, точки, кредити и т.н.)!
8. Players are not allowed to ask staff members about giving them alz, cabal cash, items or any other kind of benefit!

9. Потребителите нямат право да рекламират други сървъри в нашият сървър/форум!!
- При нарушение на това правило ще имате постоянен бан + банване на IP адреса!
9. You are not allowed to advertise another server or game in our forum or in game!
- In violation of this rule will be permanent ban + ban of IP address!

10. Потребителите нямат право да слагат пред името си GA/GM или да използват имена, принадлежащи на екипа!
- При нарушение на това правило ще имате постоянен бан!
10. Players are not allowed to put in the front of their names GA/EM/GM/Admin or to use names which belongs to someone from Moon Night Cabal Online Team!
- In violation of this rule will be permanent ban!

11. Потребителите нямат право да правят PK на даден ADMIN/GM,ние сме тук да ви помагаме а не да ни биете.
11. Users may not make a PK ADMIN / GM, we're here to help you not to fight us.

12. Когато пишете на /L (shout) чат, трябва да пишете само и единствено на анлийски език!
12. We are an international server, we prefer to understand and respect eachother by speaking English in shout chat and megaphone.

* 13. You are not allowed to sell, buy or trade alz, accounts, items for real money or for other asset-stuff.
- In violation of this rule you will get permanent ban by accounts and IP!
* 13. Продаването, купуването и разменянето на ALZ, Акаунти или Предмети за истински пари е СТРОГО ЗАБРАНЕНО! Ако не спазвате това правило, ще ви бъдат блокирани всички акаунти и IP-та.

* 14. You are not allowed to sell, buy or trade alz, accounts, items for items or other goods in another server or game.

* 15. Players are not allowed to use macros to take advantage out of it. An exception are macros for Battle Mode 2 retarging, they are permitted.

* 16. Players are not allowed to scam or fraud other players while selling, buying or trading of alz, items or cabal cash.

* 17. You are not allowed to use any kind of hacking tool, trainer or another third party program.

* 18. Players are not allowed to modify the connection between his or her computer and Moon Night Cabal Online as far as it is an influence into the game property giving him or her a (certain measure) advantage towards other players in daily gameplay.
This rule does not include any purpose to ban VPN software.
This rule was enacted on 06-24-2017 and affects any action back-acting to 05-24-2017

19. We are not racist server, we do not tolerate racist behavior! Violating this rule will lead to permanent ban.

A violation of the rules can lead to a kick, temporary ban or permanent ban. The penalty is depending on the reprehensibility of the violation. The decisional power is entrusted to the EM, GM, GML and ADMIN.

The MN Cabal Online Team is allowed to adjust the rules at any given time. They are binding with being posted here.
Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на: [email protected]
About donations for the server, write to: [email protected]

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