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Old 27th December 2017, 04:20
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Default Wtt > all in one account (fs/fb)

All in 1 Account (Check the details below):

FORCEBLADER - Honor Rank 14 (Capella)
Archridium Headgear +15 (24%cdi / 18%cdi)
Archridium Suit +15 Extended 3 slot (80hp / Flee / Auto heal / 10%amp)
Archridium Gloves +15 2 slot (HP steal / Defense / 8%amp)
Archridium Boots +15 2 slot (HP / HP / 8%amp)
1 Tyrant
2 Tempus
Full Runes / No blended
Orphidia's Amulet = 4 pcs

FORCESHIELDER - Honor Rank 13 (Procyon)
Archridium Visor +15 Extended (25%cdi / 10%amp)
Archridium Visor +15 Extended (24%cdi / 20%cdi)
Archridium Greaves +15 Extended (Max Crit 3% / HP Steal 3% / 8%amp)
Archridium Suit +11 (7%amp)
Archridium Boots +8 (7%amp)
1 Tyrant
2 Tempus
Runes Max (HP/MCR/Attack/MP/CDI/SSA/Defense)
Blended (Cure I)

And! Another FORCEBLADER 169 bracket full runes / No blended / Complete rings also (NO ARMOR SET)

Let's talk about the WEAPONS / BIKES / ACCESSORIES (Details Below):

Archridium Katana +15 Extended Rated (24%cdi / 7%crit rate / 8%amp)
Archridium Katana +15 Extended (24%cdi / 10%amp)
Archridium Katana +15 Extended (24%cdi / 20%cdi)
Archridium Orb +15 Extended (24%cdi / 10%amp)
Archridium Crystal +15 Extended (24%cdi / 20%cdi)

RW3 +15 Extended (16%cdi / 4%amp / 10%cdi)
RW3 +15 Extended Perfect RCR (12%rcr / 7%rcr)
RW3 +15 Extended (4%amp / 8%rcr / 7%rcr)

Defensive Earing +6
Defensive Earing +5
Crit Ring +3 = 3pcs
Ring of Luck +3
Vamp Earing +8 = 6pcs
Sienas Bracelet of Destructive (Perfect)
Sienas Braclet = 4pcs
Bracelet of Fighter +8 = 7pcs

CABAL High School
Pastur Battle Set
Suit of Freed
Police Suit
Hellfire Katana = 2pcs
Plasmium Katana = 2pcs
Plasmium Crystal = 2pcs
Summer Vacation Hat
Pastur Battle Helmet
Sigmetal Battle Set
Sigmetal Battle Helmet = 2pcs

And many freebies also.

If/Or you are interested to buy this, please do mail me / whisper me in-game: BloodStone

Transaction process is via Alz only and Middleman (GA)

NOTE: Since I am not that active in-game, you can directly message me on facebook at www.facebook.com/dandanieln.alvarez - BUT! I am only selling this account via Alz only because I might buy better account as well. Thanks!

great power comes with great responsibility
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