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Old 9th April 2013, 19:19
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Character information:

1. Main character Name - PeytonSawyer
2. Character Class - Force Blader
3. Character Level - 183+
4. Guild - TwoStepsFromHeLL

Information about me:

1. Age - 19
2. Location - Bulgaria, Pazardzhik
3. Level of English - Certificate level B2

Experience in game:

1. How long have you been playing Cabal? - I've been playing cabal since August 2008 in the official EU version of the server.

2. How many hours do you usually spend online a day/week? 4-5hr daily, sometimes more, sometimes less, but I'm active.

Additional information:

1. Please give an example of how you would deal with an angry customer who is being agressive to other players? - I'll try to talk with him and figure out how to slove his problem, if he have one. If he is just acting like "badass" I will explain that insulting other people can lead to ban, and leave him in the hands of GM's.

2. Why do you want to become a Game Advisor? - I'm helping people around the server since I started playing here, so practically, I'm GA already, but not officialy, so I guess I'm applying for the tag, just to let know players, I can help them.

3. What is the most important in a Game Advisor, in your opinion? What is their role? - The most important thing for a GA is knowledge. It's obvious that "Game advisors" role is to give people advises, and information about the game.

P.S: Good luck to all candidates!

Mihail Dimitrov.

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