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Old 16th September 2014, 11:36
Darrian Darrian is offline
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Icon10 Small guide for begginners and server description.

1 - General server information

Reborns - No
Exp: x150
Skill Exp: 300x
Craft Exp: 150x
WEXP: Winners get 700 wexp, losers get 350.
AXP: 35x
Drop Rate: HIGH
Alz Drop Rate: 20x
Alz Bomb: 3x
Items per Drop: 3x
Server Time: GMT + 2

2 - About leveling and Class Ranks

You can start levelling up in Lakeside, up to lvl 125. After that you can go to Mutant Forest ( lvl 125+ ), then Pontus Ferrum ( lvl 140+ ), then Porta Inferno ( 160+ ), and finally you can reach the max level of 190 in Arcane Trace ( 170+ ).
All these maps drop perfect crafted items only, all with one or two slots, ranging from Redosmium to Drei Frame and Lycanus.
To level up your class rank, just take the BSLV quest from every 10 levels, do the map monsters like usual and then go to Desert Scream to the Mummy spot. There, you can find all monsters needed for class ranks, from 110 to 190. (Blaze hound, Dark Phalanx, Flame Warrior Zombie, Durahan, Death Knight, Vice Felichra, Groga, Maku and Fire Servants.)

3 - About making alz

You can start making alz by farming in lakeside and selling your drops to the NPCs. This way, you can get around 50m alz every ~ 10 minutes or so. This should be the best way to get alz for your skills. Use BM2 when making alz for skills.
After you get your skills and a decent set (sig/drei/mithril 7 amp items), you should buy the Periodical Remote Shop card for 300 coins on the webshop. With this, you can sell items to NPC from anywhere (even while attacking mobs, even from dungeons!). If you don't have coins, just buy 3 bronze vouchers from the auction house (Functional items > Other special items).
Your next investment should be the Yekaterina VIP membership. This will give you much more slots to register items in the Auction House, and most importantly, you will receive 100% of the selling price of your items (no more 5% tax).
After doing these, when your character is fairly strong, at lvl 180+, you can try farming Chaos Arena 6 for 21 drops (Superior/Enhanced cores, Perfect cores, Safeguards, Extenders, Rings +3, Epaulets +8).

4 - About BM3

The fastest way to get BM3 on our server is by doing the premium Minesta quest capsules. It works like this:
Because Channel 1 and 2 have x3 item drop, you can get 15 stain clones in just one dungeon. First, go to channel 3 to the first mobs of Pontus Ferrum and farm (30 - 60 min) for the Minesta capsules nr. 28,29,30,31. All the others are pretty much worthless.
After that, buy the premium DX entries from the Dungeon Entry Shop located near the bloody ice storage. Each one is 65 coins, so if you buy 2 bronze vouchers (200 coins), you should have enough for 3 premium DX runs, giving you 45 stain clones. (you only need 40 for BM3).
For example, you can gather six minesta capsules nr. 29 and three minesta capsules nr. 31. Then you should buy 2 premium train cards and one premium lava hellfire card. When you reach the end of the dungeon, you will get 3x proof of warrior (on channel 1 and 2 only). Loot the first one, change character, Finish the quest for 5 stainclones, start a new quest, resume your dungeon, pick up the second proof of warrior, switch again and repeat one more time for 15 stain clones in one dungeon.
Using this technique, you can get a complete BM3 (all 3 stages - 160 stainclones) in a matter of hours.

5 - Vikalitan and Arcane Golem

The Vikalitan of Golden Sunset spawns every friday at 19:00 server time on channel 4(after the 6 pm TG). He will spawn multiple mobs which drop the formula cards for crafting bikes and he has a fully functional nation HP bar, that shows which nation killed it. When he dies, he drops one Saint's Forcecalibur weapon that lasts for 1 week, which will become lootable after ~20 seconds.
The Arcane Golem of Rage spawns at the same time (19:00), but every day and on channel 3. He has 24 drops, ranging from cores to SEH, SEHH, AOP6, AOP7 and more! He is not easy to kill, though, so teamwork is highly necessary. If he is not killed in 45 minutes, he will disappear.

5 - About Nation Wars

Nation wars (TG) are on every 4 hours, at the following times: 14:00, 16:00, 22:00 and 2:00 (server time). For server time just use the /time command ingame. The winning nation can get a maximum of 700 points, depending on their score, and the losing nation can get up to 392 points, depending on their scores.
The Bringer system works like this: each player's wars are ordered in a descending order of seven and then summed up to a total. The player who has the highest total of his seven best wars will receive the Bringer title at midnight between Thursday and Friday. That means, if you play on seven TGs and you get high enough score, you can be afk for the rest of the week and still get the bringer title.

6 - About crafting

The most profitable crafting you can do on our server is basic crafting. To make things simple for all crafters, we have added all formula cards for basic craft in an NPC in bloody ice (to the right of the auction house). There, you can find all the formula cards you need, including the ones necessary to craft the Epaulets of Proof (FC 50, FC 75, FC 110, FC 120). You can buy these cards with eCoins.
Near this npc there is another one that sells the formula cards for crafting bikes - the same ones you can get from the vikalitan mobs and the arcane golem mobs. With these cards, you can add crafted options to any 2 slot bikes, blue or RW3. You can buy these cards with WEXP.
For normal crafting, you can find shapes lvl 1 and 2 and discs level 1 and 2, as well as a number of other materials in Port Lux, at Yerte (core alchemist). Even more, you can find all the materials you need for crafting Perfect Cores High in Bloody Ice, at Keller (core alchemist). You can buy all these materials with Alz.

7 - About T-points

You gain T-points by being online (not afk), one T-point every 7 minutes. With these points you can purchase various items from the T-Point shop in Bloody Ice (near the weapons merchant), like Amp Potions, Odd Circles, Pets, Nation uniforms, safeguards, perfect cores and more.

Last edited by Darrian; 16th September 2014 at 11:39.
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