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Read about the no drop bug in CA6.

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  • Read about the no drop bug in CA6.

    Many people ask me why there is no drop sometimes or its just 2 cores. Well,the bug is fact. What you dont know is that this is just a visual bug. The drop is there. I will tell you how to "brake" this visual bug. You just killed Tyrant and broke the chest. And if you still hace bm active,release it (dont ask why,just do it). Then go back to the place you started,and go to to the chest. Tge drop should be there (dont finish the dung,you have 60 seconds which are more then enough to do this). Well sometimes dont works from 1st time,but you can do the start back again.

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    Please read it, dear players.
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      Additional note.
      Originally posted by mattuc

      Run all the way back through the gate and to the wall then go back inside to the drops. To prevent this from happening(most of the time), kill leth in 2 bms. The issue seems to be having so much alz on the ground that the chest drops aren't actually being displayed right away. I never had an issue with it until I started to do leth in 1bm.

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