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    Hello Dear MN Players,
    Everyone private server of Cabal Online have auto close bug (force close to desktop from time to time), which this problem cannot be solved at 100% and it happens, because have alot of players in one place and the game somehow becomes overloaded and then suddenly the game closed. Here in our server was common problem and for that i had to do something.

    So, here are the modifications:

    1. As you know, the most played channel in the server is Channel 2 Normal (Trade) and there the auto close was so often. For that i create 4 more Channels, exactly like Channel 2.
    Two of them are PK, the anothers two are Non-PK. The capacity is decreased for Channel 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (if you collect the channels it's the same capacity like Channel 2, before that update), so you can play in Channels 2-6 too :)

    2. The Personal Shops from now on are limited! In every Channel, can have per 5 Personal Shops (that's 35 PS max).

    With this modification in the channels, we believe in that way will be decreased that auto crash problem and everyone will be happy, because will have free space in Dungeons too!

    3. Evolution Event is changed a little! Now every SIGMetal item from Yul NPC, must to be upgraded to +15 to become without duration!
    So, SIGMetal Duration bug must be solved!

    MN Cabal Online
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