Hello Dear MN Players,
Christmas is comming soon and we made an awesome event for you!

In every map and from every mob, except in dungeons will drop White Socks. You can open them or exchange them in Yul NPC in Green Despair!

NEW EDIT 08.12.14:

5x White Socks = 1x Green Sock
3x Green Socks = 1x Blue Sock
2x Blue Socks = 1x Red Sock

2x Green Socks, 1x Blue Socks and 1x Red Sock = 1x Christmas Present Box


You can open every sock with right click and there you can see what item you can gain. But if you need unique items, you will need to collect them, to buy Red Sock or Christmas Preset Box!

Also we added bosses in every map: Single Snowman, Couple Snowman and Bad Santa, which drop works in channel 1 to channel 6.

The coordinates for them are:

Bloody Ice - X, Y = Solo Snowman

Desert Scream - X, Y = Solo Snowman

Green Despair - X, Y = Solo Snowman

Port Lux - X, Y = Solo Snowman

Fort Ruina - X, Y = Solo Snowman

Undead Ground - X, Y = Couple Snowman

Forgotten Ruin - X, Y = Couple Snowman

Lakeside - X, Y = Couple Snowman

Mutant Forest - X, Y = Couple Snowman

Pontus Ferrum - X, Y = Couple Snowman

Porta Inferno - X, Y = Couple Snowman

Arcane Trace - X, Y = Bad Santa

This event will finish on 31 January 2015

Hope you all have a great time collecting socks and hunting bosses, because there waiting you unique items!

Best Regards,
MN Cabal Online