Hello Dear Players,
Аfter hard work, i am proud to say that we have fully working "
Saint's Forcecalibur" event!

The next
Vikalitan Boss will be spawned every week in Friday, at 19:00 o'clock, in Channel 4 (War), Lakeside X:135 Y:135! (Server Time)
Now we have new Forcecalibur owner from yesterday, so the next Vikalitan of Golden Sunset will appear after 9 days
! (Friday)

Soon the countdown of the event and the new owner will be displayed on our website!

All classes weapons:

The Monsters:

And now i will show you screenshot from the first successful starting with nation damage bar:

Stay with us to see these days our new updates!
For more information about them

Best Regards,
CabalBG Owner
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