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    Hello Dear Players,
    We finished with the first part of our updates, even with little delay, but we are ready and the update is released.

    What's new?

    For now we released new costumes and new dungeon Forbidden Island (Awakened).

    The new costumes are:

    Cheering Suit [ IMAGE ]
    Purify Suit [ IMAGE ]
    Dracula Suit [ IMAGE ]
    Assasin's Suit + Cap [ IMAGE ]
    Police Suit + Cap [ IMAGE ]
    Nurse Suit + Cap [ IMAGE ]
    Summer Vacation Suit + Cap [ IMAGE ]

    These costumes you can found them in our Webshop, in "GiftBox Costumes" and "GiftBox Costume Hats" section.

    We made an experiment to add Wings in our server and at all they are so beauty and we have them in many colors, but first we will make some tests and after this will be added in Webshop. Stay online and you can receive free wings with duration to test them!

    About Forbidden Island (Awakened) , i'm sure that you will like it! I think that you will need full party to finish the dungeon, because the monsters are stronger. The drop from the chests is secret, but
    I'm sure you will be surprised when you try your luck! I wish you have a nice playing and expect new updates these weeks, this is just the beginning!

    You can buy entry item for Forbidden Island (Awakened) in Bloody Ice, from Deighton (Grocer) for 5,000,000 ALZ

    The update will be automatically downloaded, but if you have problems you can download it manually and to replace it in the game directory. [ Download Patch ]

    If you can't open the link, here is another one: [ DOWNLOAD PATCH ]

    Best Regards,
    MN Cabal Online
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