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    Hello Dear Players!

    Manual Patch - [ DOWNLOAD ]
    - Updated: Bloody Ice at Night

    We added new updates in our server and here is the list with all new things:

    1. New items:

    - [Costume] Good and Evil
    - [Costume Hat] Good and Evil Headgear
    - [Costume] Wedding Ceremony
    - [Costume Hat] Wedding Hair Accessory
    - [Costume] Electronica Suit
    - [Costume Hat] Electronica Helmet
    - [Weapon Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Orb
    - [Weapon Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Katana
    - [Weapon Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Blade
    - [Weapon Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Crystal
    - [Weapon Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Daikatana
    - [Weapon Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Great Sword
    - [Weapon Costume] Bloody Skeleton - Orb
    - [Weapon Costume] Bloody Skeleton - Katana
    - [Weapon Costume] Bloody Skeleton - Blade
    - [Weapon Costume] Bloody Skeleton - Crystal
    - [Weapon Costume] Bloody Skeleton - Daikatana
    - [Weapon Costume] Bloody Skeleton - Great Sword
    - [Weapon Costume] Electronica - Orb
    - [Weapon Costume] Electronica - Katana
    - [Weapon Costume] Electronica - Blade
    - [Weapon Costume] Electronica - Crystal
    - [Weapon Costume] Electronica - Daikatana
    - [Weapon Costume] Electronica - Great Sword
    - [Costume Hat] Afro Hair
    - [Costume Hat] Bamboo Hat
    - [Costume Hat] Top Hat
    - [Costume Hat] Rococo Hairstyle
    - [Costume Hat] Shutter Shade
    - [Costume Hat] Teddy Hat
    - [Costume Hat] Monocle
    - New Pet - Pirate Sheep
    - New Pet - Pirate Bird
    - New Pet - Pirate Monkey
    - New Pet - Franky
    - New Change Kit(Hair Style) - Charming (not released yet, just need to fix hair color)

    * The giftbox items in the webshop will be added to 24 hours, but now you can buy them in game NPC.

    2. New Bloody Ice Map (Disco Bloody Ice)
    - This is temporary map only and after around 1 week will be removed and will be default Bloody Ice!

    3. In WEXP NPC in Bloody Ice are added all wings for WEXP price.

    4. New NPC in Bloody Ice - Latest Webshop Items:
    There u will be able to check all new/latest added items.

    5. Cast time fixes to skills Greater Heal and Down Breaker.

    6. All guild emblems are updated!

    7. Christmas Event - Will be started tommorow! I will give you more detailed information about the newer event with the start.

    Expect more new updates, this is only the beginning :)

    Best Regards,
    MN Cabal Online
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    About donations for the server, write to: