Hello Dear Players,
We upload new client with the full fixes and updates from Cabal Episode 10!
You can download it from our download page or just click HERE!


If you get sometimes crash with the game, you need to do this step:

1. Go to "Moon Night Cabal Online EP10" directory.
2. Right click on "CabalMain.exe".
3. Go to "Properties", then "Compatibility" tab.
4. Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose "Windows XP Service Pack 3".
5. Click "OK" and run the game from desktop icon.

Upcoming updates:

Now our server working without bugs and as you see we finish with updates from Cabal Episode 10, so we going to make updates from Cabal Episode 11!!

In general, we will have the new skills, new costumes and alot of new things from Cabal Episode 11. I can't tell you date of this update, but maybe next week we will be ready!

So expect a lot of new things on the server!

I wish you a nice game!

Best Regards,
CabalBG Owner