Hello guys , we just added archridium parts to drop in EOD B3F and we did few changes, here they are:

- Archridium Items with max craft added on all chests in EOD B3F.
- Accessories +8 added on all chests in EOD B3F.
- Changed stats of archridium weapons and armor parts.
- All archridium items are balanced and ready for use.
- Edited stats of Archridium Epaulets

Archridium Epaulet of Fighter:
- 80 Attack
- 140 Attack Rate
- Sword Skill Amp +7%
- HP 400

Archridium Epaulet of Sage:
- 80 Magic Attack
- 140 Attack Rate
- Magic Skill Amp +7%
- HP 400

Archridium Epaulet of Guardian:
- 80 Defense
- Resist Critical Rate + 5%
- Resist Skill AMP + 5%
- HP 400


To get your Tempus ring, go to talk with Event NPC Yul on Green Despair and exchange your parts for it. And here is a requirement items to get your tempus ring:

- Kilian's Ring
- Slot Extender (High)
- 200,000,000 Alz
- Sealed Mergaheph's Ring ( Quest Item )

If you success in collecting of these parts, you will be able to buy this unique ring!

Some Upcoming Updates :
- In few days apperiance of Lycanus/DreiFrame/Archridium will be ready for use!
- Event Npc Yul will be in Bloody Ice too.
- Stein Clone bind option will be removed.
- Astral Bike Card : Type PW5 will be added.
- Frozen Colosseum will be added.
- New buffs from ep10 will be added.
- Hellfire weapons will be in giftboxex .
- And much more!

Best regards,