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  • The new updates are here

    Hello Dear Players,
    We finish with the first part of the updates and we add and change few things and they are:

    - We add new Astral Bike Type: PW5:

    This PW5 bike is on Bike Shop in Bloody Ice and soon will be on drop too.

    The bike can be upgraded and slotted like on RW3, so have fun :)

    - Added "Formula Cards CC Shop" and the NPC is in Bloody Ice.
    - All New DP Shops in Bloody Ice are with 50 percent discount.
    - The "Entry CC Shop" is with 50 percent discount.
    - Force Core High and Highest is added on "N" Shop.
    - The Upgrade chance for success is increased.

    - The options Resist Critical Rate and Resist Critical DMG of Archridium Epaulet of Guardian is increased from 5 to 8 (now is fixed)
    - Archridium Set Effect is fixed
    - Archridium Glow Effect is fixed, here is a screenshot how looks:

    But to work this glow, you need to download 1 patch with 2 files in there. They are not uploaded on the update, because are with little big size (~150mb) and i upload the patch in our website and in the last updated client this glow will working without this patch!
    So, now if someone want to have this glow, you can download it from [ HERE - DOWNLOAD

    The installation is so easy:
    In this ZIP Archive have folder "Data", so just you need to replace it on your "Data" folder from MN Cabal directory, you will be asked for the folder to be replaced and click YES and you are ready :)

    I will continue with the another new things:

    - The Drop rate and some crafted item
    to drop with 2 slots are increased.

    As you know we was having a problem with the appearance with our new Drei Frame without unique option and Archridium items, so:

    - Lycanus/Drei Frame Appearance is fixed
    - Archridium Weapons fixed
    - From Archridium Set - Archridium Boots/Shoes/Greaves and Visor/Headgear/Headpiece not working to appearance, because of strange problem which i found today, but i hope in few days to be fixed. (If you found problem with the appearance, don't forget to tell us..thanks)

    This is only the first part of the updates, be waiting for our second part!
    I hope that you like our updates. We going for the next ^^

    Best Regards,
    MN Cabal Online

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