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All Events from Holidays are added in 1 chanel!

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  • All Events from Holidays are added in 1 chanel!

    Hello Dear MN Players,
    We want to inform you that Halloween Event is started again and will end on: 20.04.14 at 23:59h!

    Halloween and Christmas events are added in channel 1 too, so now you can farm it on both channels! They are on same coordinates like channel 2!

    You can find these Christmas Mobs on following coordinates:

    Single Snowman Green Despair X 128 Y 198
    Single Snowman Bloody Ice X 172 Y 181
    Single Snowman Desert Scream X 171 Y 225
    Single Snowman Port Lux X 43 Y 94
    Single Snowman Fort Ruina X 72 Y 109

    Couple Snowman Undead Ground X 53 Y 219
    Couple Snowman Forgotten Ruin X 157 Y 154
    Couple Snowman Lakeside X 49 Y 181
    Couple Snowman Mutant Forest X 182 Y 26
    COuple Snowman Pontus Ferum X 162 Y 128
    Couple Snowman Porta Inferno X 144 Y 128

    Bad Santa Arcane Trace X 125 Y 138

    Cabal Lantern are spawned in :

    Green Despair
    Desert Scream
    Bloody Ice

    More information you will find here:
    Snowmans and Santa!
    CABAL Lantern

    Best Regards,
    MN Cabal Online

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    The event is updated - Now is started and will end on 20.04.14 at 23:59h!
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