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New Update 13.08.2019.

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  • New Update 13.08.2019.

    Dear MoonNight players, we made one more update for you and we hope you gonna be happy about it like we are !

    All about update!!

    1. Pearl powder from now on is non bind and you are able to trade it and sell it, also drop of Pearl Powder in EOD B3F part 2 is increased.

    2. HP of Bosses in Senillinea is fixed ( Enthiud and WolfLeader).

    3. Combo is easier now. You can make now 20 combos without any problems.

    4. Blader Battle mode 2 is different now, you don't need to use macro anymore to do perfect retarget, coz now it does perfect retarget itself.

    5. We added two more new pets :
    Elephie & Puncharoo


    6. New costume : Dark Party Costume & Dark Party Hair


    * The Pets, Pet Change Kit and Costumes can be found in WebShop.

    7. List of the items you can sell now over the Agent Shop

    - All pets

    - All costumes

    - All weapon skins

    - All Hats

    8. All costumes/hats and weapon costumes are possible to become into GiftBox and to sell them in Agent Shop.

    9. Guild emblems are updated.

    We hope everyone will enjoy this update!!