Hello Dear Players,
As you know, we released Transfer Bind Item service before 8 months and now we decide to release another new service in our server: Item Class Change of the gear items.

The things, which you have to remember about this service are:

- The class change is only for gear items: Helm, Armor, Gloves and Boots.
- After changing class of your choosen item, it will become automatically Character Bind.
- Items with FAIL amp WONT be changed! Fail amp for example is: WA Helm with MSA in slot.

Click on the links below for full details:
MN Service - Item Class Change: https://forms.gle/ZG5yaJ8rKHGwBUU89
MN Service - Bind Item Transfer: https://goo.gl/forms/w1CrRE8gWhIkJfjo2

PS: The services are added also in the home page of the website.