Dear MoonNight players we did new update for you.

- Attack II and Magic Attack II rune drop in Mirage Island is increased.

- MNCoin is added in TG ( nation war )
mission reward cube and you can get 1-3 MNCoins in it.

- Ressurection spawn in TG ( nation war ) is decreased from 40 to 20 seconds.

- Maquinas Outpost dungeon entry price is changed from 1 000 000alz to 10 WEXP

- To enter Maquinas Outpost dungeon you need to have lvl 165 or above (old one was 145 or above) and it gives 5DP when finished instead 10DP.

- ATTACK / DEFENSE stats calculation is added under HP bar.

Manual Patch:

Enjoy the update and wait for more awesome updates in future. Goodluck playing =)