Hello dear MoonNight Players ! We prepared one more awesome update !!

- By report from player, we found bug in Force Blader BM "Force Enchanter". The attack was stucked to +3, but now will work correctly during all levels of the skill.

- All entries takes 1x inventory place.

- You can craft Demon's earring to +8 and +9.

Material you need to craft Demon's earring :

Demon's earring stats :

- You can craft Minesta's Fighter/Sage/Guardian belt to +8 and 9.

Material you need to craft belt :

Minesta's Fighter/Sage belt stats :

Minesta's Guardian belt stats :

Guild Emblems are updated!

We hope you all gonna enjoy this update and wait for a lot of updates we gonna do !!

The patch should be updated automatically, when you start the game!
If you have problems with the updating, here is manual patch: