Hey dear MoonNight players we prepared new update for you that you were waiting for a long time and finally patience was worth it.

About update :

- Mirage Island dungeon from now on will give 2x MN coin when finished.

- Bariald Ring drop rate is increased.

- Fragment of Chaos drop rate is increased in the following places:

Dungeon: Eternal Chaos Arena

* MA-06 Quadra
* TA-01 Gravis Rota
* UMD-03 Lautus Pluma
* FP-01 Magnus Penna

- Soul Ability - Essence got 10 more slots.

- Soul Ability - Blended got 4 more slots.

- Life Capsule (Lv. 4) TypeA are changed from 500x to 999x - General/Remote Shop.

- Fury potion lvl 3 is added in Shop - General/Remote Shop (50x = 5 000 000 alz).

- Instead Blessing Bead Plus in the welcome box, will be Fury potion lvl3 50x.

- Guild Emblems are updated.

- Key of Chaos lv.6 drop rate is increased in Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferum and Porta Inferno.

- The following runes are added in AH as selection of certain rune:

Attack II

Magic Attack II


Defense II

Hope all of you will enjoy this update and wait for big update that we preparing for you, be patient :P

If you have issues with the updating by the launcher, here is manual Patch: https://www.cabalbg.com/Update280220.zip