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New Update 07.03.2020

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  • New Update 07.03.2020

    Hello dear MoonNight players ! We prepared big update for all of you and we hope this update will make all of you happy

    About update :

    Amulet of Guard +5 drop at Fort Ruina is increased.

    Amulet of guard +6 and +7 drop at Undead Ground is increased.

    Security system against the hackers is updated.

    From Now on in all MN Coin dungeons you can enter only if you are level 190 and Class Rank 20.

    Battle mode 2 (BM2) retarget for Force Blader, Force Shielder, Warrior and Blader is same as on official servers, also you can move or minimize your window.

    You can decide which skills you gonna use, window is movable and you can minimize it.

    We fixed zoom out in these dungeons :

    - Hazardous Valley (Easy)
    - Hazardous Valley (Normal)
    - Hazardous Valley (Hard)
    - Chaos Infinity
    - Forgotten Temple B3F
    - Acheron Arena
    - Edge of Phantom

    Divine Stone is added to our server.

    How to gain Divine Stone :

    - To gain Divine Stone you need to kill monsters inside Chaos Arena Lv. 7 and collect Divine Stone fragment.
    - Divine Stone fragments you can exchange at Event Girl Yul (NPC) in Green Despair. 10x Divine Stone fragments = 1x Divine Stone.

    Divine stone is needed to get Amulet of Resist.

    You can find Amulet of Resist at Event Girl Yul (NPC) in Green Despair by exchanging Divine Stone, Amulet of Resist material and alz.

    Amulet of Resist stats :

    New Dungeon Chaos Arena Lv. 7 is added to our server.

    To enter in Chaos Arena Lv. 7 you need to be lvl 190 and Class Rank 20.

    When you finish Chaos Arena Lv. 7 you gonna recieve MNCoin.

    Max 3 people party can join Chaos Arena lv. 7.

    Entry item Key of Chaos Lv. 7 you can get by killing monsters in Senillinea.

    Two more slots are added to Upgrades.

    Two new Skill Books (Upgrade Skill) are added and they drop in Chaos Arena Lv. 7

    Skill Book (HP Lv.1) Lv.1 (Upgrade Skill)

    Skill Book (Defense Lv.1) Lv.1 (Upgrade Skill)

    Two new potions are added in our server :

    - Heroic Holy Water

    - Extreme Holy Water

    Stats of Saint's Force Lv.1 (Speciall Skill) are changed.

    New Stats :

    Essence Rune : Critical DMG II is added to our server.

    On Agent Shop (Lady Yekaterina) from now on you can find this items :

    - Essence Rune : Critical DMG II
    - Divine Stone
    - Skill Book (HP Lv.1) Lv.1 (Upgrade Skill)
    - Skill Book (Defense Lv.1) Lv.1 (Upgrade Skill)
    - Amulet of Resist
    - Key of Chaos Lv. 7

    Legendary Chest in Chaos Arena Lv.7 will drop 12 drops.
    Chaos Arena Lv. 7 drop list :

    Divine Stone Fragment
    Force Core (High)
    Force Core (Highest)
    Upgrade Core (High)
    Upgrade Core (Highest)
    Enhanced Core (High)
    Superior Core (High)
    Superior Core (Highest)
    Enchant Safeguard (High)
    Enchant Safeguard (Highest)
    Perfect Core (High)
    Perfect Core (Highest)
    Slot extender (High)
    Slot Extender (Highest)
    Amulet of Pain +6
    Amulet of Guard +7
    Amulet of Resist material
    Alz potion (20 000 000alz)
    Holy Water of Resistance x3
    Holy Water of Flawless Defense x3
    Heroic Holy Water (15min) 1x
    Extreme Holy Water (15min) 1x
    Essence Rune DMG II
    Skill Book (HP lv.1) (Upgrade Skill) = 2000 HP
    Skill Book (Defense lv.1) (Upgrade Skill) = 150 Defense
    Option Scroll (Armor) - High - Max Critical Rate
    Option Scroll (Armor) - Highest - Max Critical Rate


    Hope each player of MoonNight Cabal will enjoy this update and wait with patience for the new ones !

    The update will be automatically installed on your game, but if you have troubles with that, you can download our manual patch from here: