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New client up-to-date and new launcher.

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  • New client up-to-date and new launcher.

    Dear Players,
    New client up-to-date is added in the download section of the website with new launcher.

    The users with the old launcher, it will be replaced automatically with the newer one after few days.

    - This newer launcher not require .NET Framework, works much more smoother and if you got error connection with the old launcher, with this one it should work good. Also have Repair button, where will repair any broken/missing files of your client. Please use the button only if you can't start the game.

    - If you want to use the newer launcher, i here are the links with the old and with the newer one:

    New Launcher :
    Old Launcher :

    * HowTo: Just replace it in your game folder and that's all.

    Have Fun

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: