Hello Dear Players,
I had something like a break for 2 months, but from now i am active again. For now, we prepared you small update, because the big one isn't ready yet.

The changes are:

1. EVENT: Hourly CC Reward for the online players! I think this event to be active forever, but since is under test, i will set test period for 2 weeks only and after that i will activate it again permanently, if all works good.
- Every online player will receive 5 CC per hour!
- You can stay as much as you want online, afk or not, but to receive the CC, the minimum online time is 1 hour and when you re-login, you will receive mail with the earned amount of CC. (120cc/24h)

Event will end on 05.09.2020

2. The biggest problem in TG (build alz abusing) is solved and we are the best enjoyable TG again :P

3. Blessing Bead EXP/Skill EXP is solved and the newbies will be able to leveling and skill leveling faster (like before).

You can expect next week:

- New yul event next week. It will be about collecting materials and exchange.
- Better TG rewards and more.

Have a nice game!