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Panda Event And More

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  • Panda Event And More

    We prepared new event and better TG rewards for all of our MN players !!!

    How to participate:

    Step 1: Hunt Lesser Panda King in all maps in all channels and collect Green roses!

    Step 2: Exchange Green roses and 25 000 000alz for Green rose bundle at event girl Yul in Green Despair!

    Step 3: Open Green rose bundle and get awesome prizes and collect Panda's Backpack that you can recieve from Green rose bundle!

    Step 4: Exchange Panda's Backpack for awesome prizes at event girl Yul in Green Despair!
    Green Rose Bundle Prizes :

    Force Core (Highest)
    Upgrade Core (Highest)
    Fragment of Chaos (account binding)
    Divine Fragment (account binding)
    Inexhaustible HP potion (Lv 4) - 7 days
    Ring of Luck +4 (3 days)
    Critical Ring +4 (3 days)
    Holy Water of Critical Strike
    Holy Water of Sage
    Holy Water of Fighter
    Holy Water of Traveler
    Wind Elixir Lv.1
    Evasion Potion (lv.3)
    Evasion Potion (lv.4)
    Vital Potion (lv.3)
    Palladium Epaulet of Sage (3 days)
    Palladium Epaulet of Fighter (3 days)
    Palladium Epaulet of Guardian (3 days)
    Cube of Honor
    Scroll Cube (Highest)
    Scroll Bike Cube (high)
    Potion Cube
    Cube of Alz
    Leap of Hero
    Summon of Heroes
    Pet safety kit
    xGen card
    Enchant Safeguard (highest)
    Perfect Core (highest)
    Pet name card
    Amulet of Resistance material
    Pet untrain kit - option
    Earth Stone
    Ice Stone
    Wind Stone
    Fire Stone
    Honorable Circle 5x
    Odd Circle 5x
    Panda's backpack
    Event will end on 25.09.2020

    - From now on when TG is finished you gonna recieve 2x MN Coins.

    - Guild Emblems are updated.

    - Hourly CC Reward when you stay online in the server is still active, just you won't receive GM messages in mail, because sometimes bugging your mail list. Just when you re-login, your Cabal Cash balance will be reloaded.

    Hope all of you enjoy this event !!

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