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Update 30.01.2021.

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  • Update 30.01.2021.

    Hello dear MoonNight players ❤ We prepared new update for you !! Hope everyone gonna like it. ❤

    About update :

    - TG rewards from now will be only MN coins (5, 10 or 15 pieces)

    - Cubes from DP (Dungeon Point) shop in Port Lux are moved to MN and Lucky Coin shop and you can exchange them for MN coins. Alz cube is added again.

    Potion Cube - 5 MN Coins
    Cube of Alz - 7 MN Coins
    Cube of Honor - 7 MN Coins
    Scroll Cube (Highest) - 50 MN Coins
    Scroll Bike Cube (High) - 50 MN Coins

    - Troglo Fighter King boss is removed and it's time to go to old cabal days (all drops and stats from troglo are moved to this boss)

    Say "Hello" to :

    - MN coin and Lucky Coin are no binding and you can put them in Agent Shop in Bloody Ice ( Functional Items - Other Special Items - Cabal Coins and at grade you choose if MN or Lucky coin.

    - Palladium and Archridium epaulet of Resistance can be register on Agent Shop in Bloody Ice ( Epaulets - Normal Epaulets - Epaulet of Resistance at grade you choose if Archrdium or Palladium.

    - From now on in Mirage Island you have chance to drop Palladium Epaulet of Fighter or Sage with craft. Craft will show up randomly in epaulets and can be max 1 of craft pet epaulet.

    - From now on SFC time will be at every Sunday 3PM (15:00) Server time.

    Have fun playing and wait for next update which will be very soon.