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Changes for Arcane Golem & GMs Blessing in N Shop

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  • Changes for Arcane Golem & GMs Blessing in N Shop

    Hello Dear Players! We made some changes in our server:

    GM's Blessing (Lv. 2) Holy Water is added in the "N" shop, because we saw that potion was bought multi times from our webshop and now will be more easier for you to buy it from the "N" shop.

    - We changed the drop rate of Arcane Golem with a better items, but because of that, the Golem will drop with 20% less items.
    Arcane Golem drop list:

    Force Core (Highest)
    Chaos Core
    Divine Stone
    Holy Water of Sage 10x
    Holy Water of Fighter 10x
    Holy Water of Critical Strike 10x
    Astral Bikecard - Type: Blue 0/1/2 slots
    Sword Master Potion (Lv. 3) 10x
    Magic Master Potion (Lv. 3) 10x
    Evasion Potion (Lv. 3) 10x
    Vital Potion (Lv. 3) 10x
    LuckyCoin 1x
    Evasion Potion (Lv. 4) 10x
    Vital Potion (Lv. 4) 10x
    Heroic Holy Water (15 min.) 10x
    Extreme Holy Water (15 min) 10x
    Sword Master Potion (Lv. 4) 10x
    Magic Master Potion (Lv. 4) 10x
    Holy Water of Resistance 10x
    Holy Water of Flawless Defense 10x
    Holy Water of Vitality 10x
    Potion of Honor - 2000000
    Potion of Honor - 4000000
    Potion of Honor - 6000000
    Potion of Courage - 100 wexp
    Potion of Courage - 200 wexp
    Potion of Courage - 300 wexp
    Potion of Luck - 50000000 alz
    Potion of Luck - 100000000 alz
    Potion of Luck - 200000000 alz
    Astral Bikecard - Type: RW3 0/1/2 slots
    Astral Bikecard - Type: PW5 0/1/2 slots
    Slot Extender (High)
    Perfect Core (Highest)
    Odd Circle 10x
    Demon's Earring + 2
    Minesta's Chaos Sage Belt + 2
    Minesta's Chaos Fighter Belt + 2
    Minesta's Chaos Guardian Belt + 2
    MNCoin 1x
    Slot Extender (Highest)
    Palladium Epaulet of Guardian
    Palladium Epaulet of Fighter
    Palladium Epaulet of Sage
    Demon's Ring
    Palladium Premium Box
    Demon's Earring + 6
    Demon's Bracelet + 7
    Demon's Amulet +6 (6th option)
    Weapon Option Scroll (Highest) - Critical Rate
    Armor Option Scroll (Highest) - Critical Rate
    Armor Option Scroll (Highest) - Max Critical Rate
    Demon's Amulet +7 (7th option)
    Demon's Amulet +8 (8th option)

    Expect more changes these days and more events! Have fun!

    MN Cabal Online
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