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    Hello Dear Players!

    Since for the last few years the damage from the items has been growing drastically compared to the defense. We decided to add some defense and resist to the characters and balance them.
    Now you can play enjoyable TG and PVP and not dying so fast as before.

    We added passive skill book for class Wizard, which can be found in
    Desert Scream -> Instructors -> Upgrade section.
    - For the players that are new, or haven't played for long time - We have passive skills for all classes, which can be found in their
    main city -> Instructors > Upgrade section. Go and get it, so you can feel the maximum power of your character.

    It's possible to have some corrections with the time, because the balancing of the characters is something that need more time to be balanced good.

    Expect more updates very soon,
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