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New Update - 12.01.22

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  • New Update - 12.01.22

    Hello Dear Players !

    We have made the following changes:

    *Sigmetal/Mithril/Lycanus/Archridium and Palladium Daikatana:
    -Required DEX is redused to same as Great Sword
    -Attack/M.Attack is same as Great Sword
    (which means, that you can use Daikatana too)

    *DP Exchange NPC Petricia Shop in Port Lux:
    -Added Heroic Holy Water 10x = 20 DP
    -Extreme Holy Water potions 10x = 20 DP

    * Added item in WarCoin shop
    - Pet untrain Kit (1 OPTION) 3x = 5 warcoins

    *DP Cube Shop in Bloody Ice:
    -Replaced with Mercenary CC Shop - You can buy mercenaries from there now, also the price is reduced.

    *T-point farming:
    -Increased to 2 Tpoint per 7min (double more)

    *Skill: Force Kick in Battlemode 2 is allowed now!

    *Megaphone's price for 50x pieces is reduced from 3000cc to 500cc

    *Added ALZ Potions in Legacy chest in the following dungeons:
    -Pandemonium, Forgotten Temple B3F, Broken Epauled of Dead, Epaulet of Dead B3F Part 2, Mirage Island, Hollya Keldrasil

    *Guild Emblems updated!

    *Christmas Event ended!

    Hope you enjoy farming them even more now!

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    About donations for the server, write to: