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New Service and Changes in prices

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  • New Service and Changes in prices

    Hello Dear Players!

    We released new MN Cabal Service and changed the prices of the others.

    * We releasing new service in our server: Character Class Change
    Lot of players asked me about this, because i know it's boring every time when you want to play with new class and to have to start from zero. Now you can switch your character to any class, without to lose anything!

    More details about the service:
    - The price of change character class service is 40 EUR. (per character)
    - The money will be accepted only if they are via PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram or EasyPay.

    - This service will change your character class and will change your GEAR, to fit with your newer class and switch amp from SSA to MSA, BUT without your weapons!
    - Only Sword/Magic Skills and Quick Skills will be removed. Your stats will be reseted too and you will have to re-add them again or i can assist with that.
    Absolutly everything else, like ClassRank, Honor, Upgrade Skills, Runes, Achievements, Titles, BM3 etc., will remain the same.

    The link for this service can be found on our official website: or with direct link FROM HERE.

    * Changes in the price of the following services:

    - Transfer Character - From ~70-120 to 40 EUR per character.
    - Transfer Bind Item - From 20 to 10 EUR per item.
    - Item Class Change - From 30 to 15 EUR per item.

    Have a nice game!

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    About donations for the server, write to: