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New Update 08.04.22

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  • New Update 08.04.22

    Hello Dear Players!

    PS Small Fix/Update:

    - Elemental Enchant Buffs for FB can be activated in BM2 from now on.
    - Increased drop rate for Tempus Ring and Bariald Ring.

    New update is ready and released! The changes are:

    1. The annoying alz drop from mob in the
    Egg Event Dungeon is disabled.

    2. New buffs for Force Blader, which are not available for Nation War.

    - The skill books can be found in Instructor NPC [BI, DS, GD]
    Elemental Enchant[Attack] & Elemental Enchant[Defense]:

    3. The bike speeds of PW5 and QW7 is little decreased.

    4. Bike QW7 drop rate in the Egg Event Dungeon is increased!

    Awakened Tempus' Ring drop rate is double increased in Tower of the Dead B3F (Part2)!

    Legacy Guardians Defense increased for Nation War [170 ~ 190]:

    - Legacy Guardian L - from 2786 to 3000
    - Legacy Guardian M - from 2409 to 2786
    - Legacy Guardian S - from 2232 to 2409

    7. Dungeon: Hollya Keldrasil - 2 items added in Legendary chest:

    - Force dance III
    - Sword dance III

    8. Skill: Resist Intension is with changed stats (temporary): Resist Knockback and Resist Down are changed from 10% to 100% and for now the skill will be
    available only for Nation War!

    EVENT: Stay online and receive 20 Cabal cash per hour!!! This event will be active until 30 April 23:59:59h.

    10. Guild Emblems are updated!

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: