Hello Dear Players! New update is here!

1. Changes in the battle modes of some classes:
[WA] Berserker - added +200 attack (from 120 to 320)
[WA] Lancer - added +150 attack (from 370 to 520)
[WA] Axe Destroyer - added +150 attack (from 530 to 680)

[FB] Blade Shooter - added +100 attack (from 400 to 500)
[FB] Sword Splitter- added +70 attack (from 460 to 530)

[FS] Shield Master - added +100 attack (from 370 to 470)
[FS] Hammer Crusher - added +70 attack (from 460 to 530)

2. Increased Cooldown for the following Buffs:
[WI] Spirit Shield = 180s Cooldown
[FA] Quick Move = 180s Cooldown
[BL] Iron Skin = 180s Cooldown

3. Added Troglo Fighter King mob for farming T-Point in Channel 2 ONLY! [Green Despair X:100/Y:55]
- The mob won't hit you, just you have to hitting him afk to farming t-points.

4. Reverted changes of the Nation War Titles. As you know, with the last update of these changes, somehow the changes didn't applied. When we figure out how to implement it, we will make it.

5. Updated Guild Emblems.