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  • New Update!

    Hello Dear Players! New update is here with the following changes:

    - [FB] Elemental Enchant skills are fixed now and for sure will working in NW and outside NW.
    - [WI] BM3 Elemental Dominator is with increased attack from 510 to 600.
    - [WI] Spirit Shield Cooldown from 180s to 300s.
    - [BL] Iron Skin Cooldown from 180s to 300s.
    - [FA] Quick Move Cooldown from 180s to 300s.
    - [FA] Buff Eagle Eye got removed +1 range.
    - Wind Elexir Lv.1 is with added cooldown 180s
    - Berderk Faello boss is with added HP regen +50000 per second.
    - Sage's Ensign War Gates (L)&(S) are with double more defense for Nation War [170 ~ 190].
    - Easter Event is disabled.
    - Guild Emblems are updated.
    - By now, the Rule 21 is removed from our server! The rule is: "We want peace in server and let everyone enjoy it, that's why if you see player(s) attacking boss and even event boss and HP of boss is lower than 50% you gonna show your respect and leave the place. To prove that someone steal your boss make video."

    Have a nice game!
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