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  • New Update

    Dear Players, new update is here and the following changes are:

    [FB] Resist skill Amp and Resist Critical DMG from [FB]Passive skills are removed.

    2. [BL] Knucklet Attack A & B = +100 Add.Attack & +10% Sword Amp

    3. [BL] Knucklet Specialty Level 1, 2 & 3 = +100 Add.Attack & +10% Sword Amp

    4. Nation War changes, which will be announced later in our discord channel. It's about different temporary changes of HP, Defense, Attack, so per every few days, we will making some changes, so the players can feel their best war experience. At the end, we will bring it back like now. I think will be more diversified and will be interesting for all.

    5. New drop of Demon's Amulet with unique additional options - 10/10/10 Critical DMG are added to Hollya Keldrasil [Legendary Chest]

    6. Added additional items to drop in the following dungeons:
    Hollya Keldrasil - PVE Blended Runes [Legendary Chest]:
    - Strike Pray I
    - Strike Pray II
    - Strike Pray III
    - Sensibility I
    - Sensibility II
    - Sensibility III
    - Sword Dance I
    - Sword Dance II
    - Sword Dance III
    - Force Dance I
    - Force Dance II
    - Force Dance III
    - Trauma I
    - Trauma II
    - Trauma III
    - Cure I
    - Cure II
    - Cure III
    - Defenceless I
    - Defenceless II
    - Defenceless III

    Abandoned City - PVP Blended Runes [Legendary Chest]:
    - Crushing Fist I
    - Crushing Fist II
    - Crushing Fist III
    - Counter Force I
    - Counter Force II
    - Counter Force III
    - Sword Pressure I
    - Sword Pressure II
    - Sword Pressure III
    - Force Pressure I
    - Force Pressure II
    - Force Pressure III
    - Shock I
    - Shock II
    - Shock III
    - Hornet Pierce I
    - Hornet Pierce II
    - Hornet Pierce III
    - Velocity I
    - Velocity II
    - Velocity III
    - Shield Smash I
    - Shield Smash II
    - Shield Smash III

    7. Guild Emblems are updated!

    Относно даренията за сървъра, пишете на:
    About donations for the server, write to: